Complete Review of Tom Clancy's The Division

07 Mar 2016 13:11

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The Division is the latest title in the long line of Tom Clancy video games. This newest title in the Tom Clancy series, however, is a larger, more ambitious project. In this game, players are dumped into New York City where they can traverse the dangerous streets of a post-apocalyptic Manhattan.

For the non-competitive players, missions involving seeking out and wiping AI enemies are abundant. The missions can be a little repetitive, but not too badly. The objective for each one is a little different. Some quests will ask you to locate and kill a certain baddie while another may want you to find and free hostages. Mission difficulties vary as well. Enemies can be anything from basic foot-soldiers that aren't too hard to eliminate or bullet-sponge bosses that require a well thought out strategy to kill. skills

The missions are great, but that's only one part of this massive game. If PvE doesn't interest you - it's all good. Tom Clancy's The Division offers a unique and entertaining PvP mode as well. This part of the game is referred to as the Dark Zone. here

It's literally a large section of the map that any player can enter. In the Dark Zone players can choose to group up, play solo, or even go head-to-head in fierce firefights against other agents.

Within the Dark Zone players will need to keep their wits about them and come prepared. If you can, you should always avoid dying. Unless you successfully extract from the Dark Zone without conflict, you could lose the awesome gear you may have scored from loot chests in the area. If another agent manages to kill you, they have the right to take your loot as a reward. The ranking system also factors in your deaths to determine your overall Dark Zone level. Possessing a high rank not only looks awesome and intimidating to other players, it even gives your character the ability to score rarer loot than normal. So, staying alive matters - a lot. source

Can Ubisoft's new game become a best-seller? It could very well be a big hit. It's trying to compete directly with other popular shooter titles such as Black Ops 3 and Star Wars Battlefront while at the same time taking on the current king of MMO-shooters, Destiny. Destiny, being a huge title and another MMO-shooter, is what a lot of people are comparing this game to.

The Division will be supported with a few major expansions and additional, smaller updates throughout the year. It's a ton of work for Ubisoft, but if they can stick to that content schedule they have a high chance of winning over fans from bigger titles like Destiny. Both gamers and the media have taken shots at Bungie, saying they haven't been creating enough content to keep Destiny interesting for long-time players.

Many believe that if Ubisoft can really keep up their content release schedule that Tom Clancy's The Division could become one of the biggest game franchises ever. Gamers from all over the world are anxious to play this title. Around February 16th or so, The Division will have an open beta in which all players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC will have a chance to play the title.

Tom Clancy's The Division is schedule to come out for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms in March.

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